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After arriving in Arunachala, he reports to the inner shrine at the great temple, Sri Arunachaleswara, and Mother Sri Apeethakuchamba. Upon leaving the temple, and on his consent to getting his head shaved after being asked by someone, he was led to Ayyankulam Tank and had his head shaved. He threw away all his remaining…

Journey towards Tiruvannamalai

Venkataraman leaves Madurai Junction on the 29th of August He reaches Villupuram Junction on the 30th of August On the afternoon of 30th August, he reaches Mambalappattu Junction Visited the Sri Atulyanateswarar Temple in Araiyaninallur Visited the Sri Viratteswar Temple in Kilur On August 31, he arrived at Tirukovilur railway station. As there was no…

29th August

Venkataraman’s elder brother one day taunted him with words that for one who was like this, why all these i.e., studies etc. It was on Saturday, 29th August, 1896 that Venkataraman realizing the truth behind his brother’s admonition, left his home leaving a note informing the elders that he was proceeding in search of his…


In 1896, in mid-July, Venkataraman had the spontaneous Selfrealisation which is termed the first ‘Death Experience’. After this experience, his attitude towards life changed. He only made a pretence of studying, eating etc. His mind, now freed from bondage began to delve deeply into bliss and began to seek solitude. Venkataraman was marking time when…

Meenakshi Temple

Venkataraman went to the Meenakshi temple every day and experienced an exaltation every time he stood before the images of the Nayanmars (saints). Tears flowed from his eyes profusely.

Azhagar Koil

Young Venkataraman and his friends sometimes visited Azhagar Koil which is about 12 miles from Madurai. It is a huge Vishnu temple. They would play in the premises of the temple.

Vaigai River – Madurai

As the Vaigai river was very near the house where they first lived in West Chittirai Street, Venkataraman and his friends used to bathe in the river daily. But as summer advanced, the water in the river would dry up. Then they would go there in the evenings and excavate small wells in the river…


November: Hears of ‘Arunachala’ mentioned to him by an elderly relative.