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February 18 – Death of father, Sundaram Iyer. Moves to Madurai, to live with paternal uncle, Subba Iyer. Studies at Scott’s Middle School and American Mission High School


Moves to Dindigul, after completing elementary education at Tiruchuli. Spent one year in the first form at Dindigul


When Venkataraman was about 6 years old, he was reprimanded mildly for making kites and paper boats from a case-bundle of law-suits. The boy took it to heart and disappeared, and the search for him was fruitless. At the time of puja at the Mother Sri Sahayavalli shrine the priest saw a figure silently seated…


Brothers Nagaswami (1878-1900) Nagasundaram, later known as Niranjanananda or Chinnaswami (1886 – 1953) Sister Alamelu Ammal (1888- 1953)

Tiruchuzhi Sundara Mandiram

Birth Place of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. Tiruchuzhi is a village in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is situated about 15 kilometres east of Aruppukkottai, 40 km east of Virudhunagar, and 45 km south of Madurai.

The deity of the Bhuminatheswara temple of Tiruchuzhi had proceeded through the streets of the town and was about to re-enter the temple. At that moment in the house of Sundaram Aiyar a holy child entered this world. The midwife held the newborn in her arms and witnessed the room suffused with bright white light.…