Maha Bhakta Vijayam

Maha Bhakta Vijayam

           Extracts from Publisher’s Note of Tamil Bhakta Vijayam, a work which was read, proof read and often referred to by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Maha Bhakta Vijayam which is bigger than the Mahabharatam and Ramayanam, was first written in Hindustani language in the year 1630 A.D. by Nabaji Siddha deemed an incarnation of Lord Brahma. It contained the life stories of 700 devotees an was named ‘Bhakta Sara’. It was taught to Uddhava Siddha and others by Nabaji Siddha himself. Uddhava Siddha shortened the stories and wrote them in the language spoken in Gwalior and called it Bhakta Mala.

Mahipati Bavaji removed the conversations pertaining to jnana aspects in that book and brought out in 1780 AD the life histories of 108 saints in Marathi and named the book ‘Bhakta Vijaya’. Rest of them which he composed was called ‘Santa Vijaya’ and ‘Santa Leelamruta’.

One Dipdev later brought out the book, including in it the portions relating to jnana and named it ‘Dipa Ratnakara’. (All these were consulted and even enquired with the other elders and) Chittoor Venkatadasar translated it n to Tamil and the same was published by Saidapuram Umapati Mudaliar in 1864 A.D.

1. “A wooden stand was provided for me and I read one portion per day from Bhakta Vijayam while Bhagavan explained the meaning to those present. Sometimes I would ask innocent questions from the book and Bhagavan would patiently reply. The devotees in the hall used to say that they got answers to their doubts from the replies given by Bhagavan to my questions.
-Smt. Rajalakshmi (The Mountain Path, April 2008)

2. Manu Subedor, who came from Bombay for Bhagavan’s darsan, said that most of the matter in ‘Avadhoota Gita’ and ‘Ashtavakra Gita’ was meant for the adepts and there was not much by way of direct guidance for beginners “With infinite compassion in his eyes, the Maharshi looked at me and instructed one of the followers to bring a book. This was the Maha Bhakta Vijayam of Nabhaji. Bhagavan opened the book and began to read… Those who were present thoroughly enjoyed the reading and I discovered that I was given exactly what I needed.

Jayadev’s birth
Jayadev’s dispassion
Jayadev mutilated
Jayadev reaches the country
Padmavati joins Jayadev
Thieves drowned
Thieves saved
Padmavati died
Padmavati revived
Lord appears
Ashtapati tested
Upadesa to the king
Kabir Jananam
Kabir Refuses Sunnat
Kabir Offers Cloth to Bhagavan
Kabir Gets Bhagavan’s Darsan
Kabir Beaten by Discipls
Kabir’s Blessing by Guru
Kabir gets Upadesam
Kabir Condemns Islam
Kabir wins Gorak
Kabir’s Marriage
Kabir saves Calf
Kabir’s Wife goes to Merchant
Kamal’s Pilgrimage
Kamal’s Bhajan
Tulasi dasar Jananam
Tulasi immersed in pleasure
Tulasi dasar’s dispassion
Tulasi dasar gets ghost’s darsan
Darsan of Maruti
Darsan of Sri Rama
Jnana upadesam to Tulasi dasar
Bhagavan as Mutts’ Security
Bhagavan tests Tulasi dasar
Bhagavan appears as Tulasi dasar
Akbar humiliated
Tulasi dasar ‘s Upadesam to Akbar
Nama Devar
Birth of Namdev
Namdev Feeds bhagavan
Marriage of Namdev
Bhagavan Gave money
Bhagavan As Servent
Bhagavan’s Gift
Namdev & Jnaneswar-Part I
Namdev & Jnaneswar-Part 2
Namadev,Gora & Visopakesar
Vitoba’s yatra
Sanyasi vitoba
Vitoba’s Grahastasrama
Children’s of Vitoba
Vitoba’s stotra
Jnaneswar’s glory
Vitoba’s back home
Baffollw’s Vedic chanting
Sukar Vaakyam-Kuchelar
Kuchlar Reaches Dwaraaka Puri
Kuchelar’s Darsan of Sri Krishna
Kuchelar Attains Parama Padam
Tukaram’s Illara Darmam
Tuka as Namdev
Tuka removes ego of bhrm
Tuka’s wife
Tuka’s letter to Vittal
Vittal’s Reply thro Eagle
Last Chapter
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