Bhagavan quoted to me on different occasions the following stanzas:
To stay where a Jnani, who is none else but the Supreme Self, stays, is mukthi. He who serves a Jnani is so Great that I permanently bear on my head his feet. None can equal the spotless and supreme Jnani, neither Siva, Vishnu nor I Brahma. Who else then can equal him?

Vishnu will carry on his head all that a Jnani wants. Siva will follow him everywhere. While virtuous kings and all the devas do obeisance to the dust of such Jnani’s feet, Brahma will beg that those feet may be placed on his head.
(Brahma Gita & Kurun-thirattu)

– My Recollections by Devaraja Mudaliar

I again visited Ramanasram on the last day of the year, 1942. It was a few days after the Jayanti celebration… In the presence of Bhagavan, Devaraja Mudaliar gently admonished me for failing to attend the Jayanti and added, “I believe that Bhagavan expects us, His children, to gather at His feet especially on such occasions.” Bhagavan smiled and said, “The feet of Bhagavan are everywhere. So where can we gather except at His feet? Time and space are no barriers to the gathering of hearts.”
* * *
On the last morning before my departure, Bhagavan quoted two verses from Ramana Sannidhi Murai – Tiru-vem-pavai v.30 & 15 and explained them:
That which is said to be beyond the beyond, and is at the same time inside of the inside and shines within the Heart itself – the Real Self, is verily Venkata Ramana. Do adore Him.

Like the cock that throws aside the diamond taking it for a pebble, you may also belittle this Arunachala Ramana mistaking Him for a common fellow-man while He is really the Supreme Self. So beware!

– GV. Subbaramayya in his Reminiscences.

Danur Maasam or Maargazhi (mid Dec. to mid Jan.) is exclusively devoted to special worship. (Bhagavan Ramana was born in this month). In all temples in the Tamil land and in Ramanasram it is a practice to chant the poems of this month (Tirup-paavai & Tiruvem-paavai) in the early morning.
The Ashram Chants are provided here with pdf text & Audio formats.

Danur Maasam Parayana

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Danur Month Pdf Text:
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Bhagavan Jayanti Parayana

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Jayanti Parayana

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