• Available first Souvenir after Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi’s Maha-Nirvanam (1950)
  • Released by Devotees of Bombay in memory of Bhagavan’s 85th Jayanti Celebration.
  • The Articles here are mainly from the “Letters” of Suri Nagamma from Telugu. The English Volume 1 & 2 of “Letters” was published in 1962 & 1969 respectvely.
  • The text is supported here with 6 Audio files of about 90 minutes’ duration.
  • The page numbers of this Souvenir starts with the Advertisements of commercial Institutions of Bombay, who gave financial support for the Souvenir.
  • The Articles on Bhagavan starts with a foreword from page no. 14 to 34 and these pages are provided in the pdf text. The text is supported with 6 Audio files.


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1. Foreword The Sage of Arunachala
2. Dakshina murti Sankara and Ramana
3. First Biksha Dog Leopard Snake Squirrel
4. Pegeons Cheetahs Block Cow
5. Unknown Devotee Anecdotes


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