• Released to commemorate the 1st Kumbhabhishekam of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi’s Shrine on 18th June 1967.
    • It contains about 30 small Articles & 75 full page Photographs of Bhagavan.

* About 70 devotees, institutions sponsored & the Photo Blocks of Bhagavan Ramana, was sponsored by Mrs. Shankar & co. Bombay.

  • The last Article “Shanthosham” – gives the details of how this Souvenir was conceived.
  • The pdf text is supported by Audio files.


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1. Meditation, Contents
2. Ramana Arunachala Osborne
3. Bhagavan Sri Ramana – T.P.R
4. The Sage’s Body- Dr. TNK Swami
5. To all Mankind- Prof. Eknath
6. First Impact- NN.Rajan
7. New Words for Old – SS.Cohan
8. Bhagavan as the Sun…- MP.Pandit
9. What are we Waiting for- DE. Harding
10. Discovery- Sarah Ferrand.mp3
11. Take No Thought…- Kunju Swami
12. Bhagavan’s Spiritual Effulgence- NB.Reddi
13. The Light of Arunachala- NRK. Iyer
14. Upadesa Saram- G.L.N
15. Silence & Effort- MA Narayanan
16. Om Namo… Dr. W.Radhakrishnayya
17. Testimony- GV.Subbaramayyaa
18. Who Am I- RN. Iyer
19. The Face of Silence- Lucy
20. Even A Visit- SL.Silam
21. Still Here- GN.Daley
22. Beyond Categories- SEIN
23. Light from the Centre- Kitty
24. The Temple & The Shrine
25. Ramana- The Grace- Suri Nagamma
26. Sri Ramana- The Hope for the Future
27. Divine Grace- AD.Mudaliar
28. The Turning Point- Natananandar
29. The Maharshi… RK.Viswanathan
30. Identity with the Universal
31. By an Eye Witness- Dr.TNK
32. Santhosham


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