Over the decades, numerous souvenirs have been released to commemorate special occasions e.g. Jayanti, Advent and Maha Kumbhabhishekams. Including articles, photographs and testimonies of interest to devotees, such collections have disappeared from public notice owing to limited editions. The Ashram would like to make such material available for devotees and is thus uploading pdfs and audio recordings onto the Ashram website (in the sources and audio sections). The 1965 Jayanti Souvenir, 1967 Ramana Pictorial Souvenir, 1969 Ramana Jyoti Souvenir, 1974 Venkatoo 60 Souvenir and 1996 Advent Centenary Souvenir (Tamil) are now available for free downloading


  1. 1965 Jayanti Souvenir
  2. 1967 Ramana – Pictorial Souvenir
  3. 1969 Ramana Jyothi Souvenir
  4. 1974 Souvenir
  5. 1996 Arunai Vijaya Nutrandu Malai (Tamil) அருணை விஜய நூற்றாண்டு மலர்
  6. Advent Centanary Souvenir Telugu
  7. Advent Centanary Souvenir Malayalam