Bhagavan Ramana and Tiruvaachakam (Tamil)

On number of occasions Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi spoke in detail on Tiruvaachakam and its author Saint Manikkavaachakar. He encouraged the recitation of Tiruvaachakam as part of Sadhana for those interested. Tiruvaachakam and Manikkavaachakar represent the path of Sanmaargam – Oneness with the Lord in Saiva Siddaantam – three others being those of, Master-Servant, Father-Son and Attitude of Friendship towards the Lord.

… Bhagavan sat beside Mother’s (Alagammal’s) body. Brahmachari Arunachalaswami and I were near Bhagavan. Bhagavan wanted us to read out Tiruvaachakam. Bhagavan read out some parts and we the others. Bhagavan corrected us whenever we made mistakes. In this manner we finished the entire Tiruvaachakam by 4 o’clock in the morning.

– Kunju Swami’s Reminiscences (from his description of the Maha Samadhi of Bhagavan’s Mother on the night of 19th May 1922)

… Bhagavan told me that such weeping is good, quoting from Tiruvaachakam: Azhudaal Unnai Peralaame – by crying for You (God), one can get You. …It was in connection with Mrs. Eleanor Pauline Noye, an American devotee (who used to weep in the Presence of Bhagavan), that Bhagavan quoted to me the above line from Tiruvaachakam.
– My Recollections (by Devaraja Mudaliar)
Since recently, Sri. Siva Daamodaran of Tiru Kazhu Kundram has been conducting Muttrodal (Complete Chanting) of Tiruvaachakam, in various Siva-Kshetraas in Tamil Nadu attracting thousands’ of devotees in each session. He has set the Tiruvaachakam songs in various musical meters and in different classical ragas and rendered them in a simple folk music style keeping the participants & audience, comprising learned pundits as well as simple village folks, spellbound for about 12 hours at a stretch.

The present sample upload, lasting about three hours, is from one such session conducted by Sri. Siva Daamodaran at Kanchipuram in Sri Ekaambareswar Temple on the 29th Sep 2012, which was attended by more than 10,000 devotees.

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1.Siva Puraanam Full
2.Keerti Tiru Ahaval -1 to 8 &2 8,29
3.Tiru Anda Pahudi -1 to 11 & 31 to 36
4.Potri Tiru Ahaval – 1 to 12 & 37 to 45
5-1.Tiru Chadakam Mei Unardal – 1 to 5
5-2.Tiru Chadakam Ari Vuruttal – 1 to 7
5-3.Tiru Chadakam Chuttaruttal – 3 to 8
5-4.Tiru Chadakam Atma Suddhi 1 to 4
5-5.Tiru Chadakam Kai maaru koduttal
5-6.Tiru Chadakam Anubhoga Suddhi – 1 to 6
5-7.Tiru Chadakam Kaarunyattu Irangal – 2 to 5
5-8.Tiru Chadakam Aanandattu Azhundal – 2 to 8
5-9.Tiru Chadakam Aananda Paravasam 1 to 5
5-10.Tiru Chadakam Aananda Ateetam 1 to 6
6.Neettal Vinnappam – 1 to 25
8.Tiru Ammanai – 1 to 4
9.Tiru Por Chunnam – 1 to 8
10.Tiru Kottubi – 1 to 8
11.Tiru Tellenam – 1 to 8
12.Tiru Chhaazhal – 2 to 10
13.Tiru Poovalli – 1 to 5
14.Tiru Undiyaar – 1 to 20
15.Tol Nokkam – 1 to 5
016.Tiru Pon Uosa
17.Annai Pattu
18.Kuil Pattu
23.Chettila Pattu
24.Adaikkala Pattu
25.Aasai Pattu
26.Adisaya Pattu
27.Punarchhi Pattu
28.Vaazha Pattu
29.Arut Pattu
30.Tiru Kazhu kundra Padikam
31.Kanda Pattu
32.Praartanai Pattu
33.Kuzhitta Pattu
34.Uyirunni Pattu
35.Achha Pattu
36.Tiru Paandi Padikam
37.Piditta Pattu
38.Tiru Esaravu
39.Tiru Pulambal
40.Kula Pattu
41.Arpuda Pattu
42.Chenni Pattu
43.Tiru Vaartai
44.Enna Padikam
45.Yaattirai Pattu
46.Tiru Padai Ezhuchhi
47.Tiru Vanba
48.Pandaaya Naan Marai
49.Tiru Padai Aatchi
50.Aananda Maalai
51.Achho Padikam Full