In 1907, Bhagavan Ramana was staying in Virupaksha Cave and Nayana, in Mango Tree Cave. A cold December night, Sunday the 15th, Nayana had been writing for ten days and had completed 700 out of 1000 verses of his masterpiece Umasahasram. His right thumb got a blister and he could not hold the pen anymore. But 300 verses still needed to be composed as they were to be sung the following day in the temple. At 8 pm, Bhagavan came to Nayana’s place and sat there silently throughout. Nayana sat at the feet of Bhagavan, surrounded by five disciples with pens and paper. Nayana began dictating in quick succession in five different metres while they wrote. By midnight when the work was completed Bhagavan asked, “Nayana, have you taken down all that I have said?” With devotion and joy, Nayana touched the feet of Bhagavan and replied “Yes Bhagavan, all that you have said has been received.”
The sound recording of the first 300 slokas of Umasahasram was released at Sri Ramanasramam on 7th October; another 400 on 26th November; and the balance of 300 slokas were released on Sunday, 15th December, the day and date Nayana started and finished, respectively, the composition of Umasahasram 112 years ago.

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01. A_introduction
01. Vyomasareera Sthreeroopa cha
02. Sargaadhi Varnanam
03. Sasareeraayaacha Saadhanam
04. Aadhyaathmika_Vibhoothaya
05. Parinaya
06. Mahaabhaagyam
07. Vyomasareera Maathrukaadhi Vibhoodhyascha
08. Charithrathryam
09. Mandhahaasa
10. Kesaadhi Paadhaantha Varnanam
11. Paadhaadhi Kessantha Varnanam
12. Srungaara_Varnanam
13. A Introduction (Govi & Dr.K.R.Geetha) 01
13. Kataaksha
14. Kaali Gauri Kundalinee cha
15. Sakte Swaagatam
16 Adhyaathmam Shakthi Vaibhavam
17 Madhakaree Shakthi
18. Roopa Visheshaa Kundalinee samullaasacha
19. Dhyeyalalithaaroopam
20. Sarvasaaramayee
21. Ardhanaareesvara
22. Harakutumbakam
23. Prakeernakam
24. Prakeernakam
25. Kshetramaala
26. Apeethakuchaamba
27. Prachanda Chandee
28. Renukaadhi Varnanam
29. A Introduction
29. Navavidha bhajanam
30. Maanasa Pooja
31. Naamavaibhavam
32. Bhakthiyogascha
33. Japo_Yogorpanam_cha
34. Praarthana
35. Praarthana
36. Prakeernakam
37. Tattvavichaara
38. Dhasamahavidhya
39. Praayo Vyoma Sareeraa
40. Dhaiva_Geetham