• March 14 – The brief ceremony was over by 9 p.m., when Maharshi was taken to open the new big Hall attached to the temple. Being too weak to turn the colossal key of the door, the young stapati turned it for him. He was taken directly to the inner temple and helped over the short flight of steps and made to touch the stone Sri Chakra, which stands immediately behind the lingam, as the symbol of the Creative Power latent in the Formless Spirit (Chit). He was then taken out and made to sit for the first time on the stone couch in the new temple hall, which was covered with red velvet cushions.
  • March 17, Thursday – Kumbhabhishekam of Mathrubhuteswara Temple in the presence of Bhagavan
  • June 1 – new hall [adjoining Mother’s temple] declared open