• After arriving in Arunachala, he reports to the inner shrine at the great temple, Sri Arunachaleswara, and Mother Sri Apeethakuchamba. Upon leaving the temple, and on his consent to getting his head shaved after being asked by someone, he was led to Ayyankulam Tank and had his head shaved. He threw away all his remaining money into the tank.
  • Stays in temple premises within the Thousand-Pillared Hall, in Pathala Linga [underground cellar] south east corner.
  • He was completely oblivious when he was bodily carried out of the Pathala Lingam shrine to the Subramanya Shrine. At this time, Seshadri Swami tried to guard him.
  • He then stayed in the Gopura Subramanya Shrine for 2 months. Mouna Swami looked after him.
  • He then moved to adjoining flower garden and banana grove, and sometimes in the room where large floats were stored.
  • He then sat under a large Illupai tree or in the Mangai Pillayar Shrine. Uddandi Nayinar became an attendant.