Sri Bhagavan wrote a Prefatory Verse to the Sannidhi Murai of Muruganar, hailing it as equal to Tiruvachakam of Manikkavachakar and as contributing to the spiritual uplift of mankind. (Moments Remembered, Ch. 8)

The Sannidhi Murai is sung in three formats:

In the Tamil pann-metre, as done by traditional temple odhuvars
With musical accompaniments – many of Muruganar’s works are now available in CD/DVD/audio-cassettes, produced by Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning of Bangalore
In Karnatic classical Ragas (metre) – the present upload of about 3/4th of Sannidhi Murai are sung by:
A) Mrs. Mahalakshmi Suryanandan, daughter of Prof. K. Swaminathan, who has been leading the group of Bhagavan’s devotees who sing on Purnavasu days at Sri Ramanasramam for the past three decades.

B) Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning of Bangalore-Ramananjali Group led by Smt.Sulochana Natarajan and a traditional temple odhuvar Sri.Sadgurunadan,Chennai –Mylapore,Kapaliswar Temple

The title, number of the song and its Raga are added as a prefix to the audio to enable the practice of singing along with the book (for item-A), while the visual display indicates the title and the number of the songs.