Ramana Satsang is an attempt to connect with seekers and devotees of Sri Ramana Maharshi throughout the world through various means, such as: communication through email/newsletter, local satsangs, volunteering to support Sri Ramanasramam’s activities, local satsang groups, or related charities. ‘Satsang’ is for those who practice the teaching or wish to learn about the teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Those who share Master’s vision of “brotherhood based on a sense of equality” find joy and support in the company of others who share His vision. The  Ramana Gita verses quoted show that getting connected to ‘circle’ or ‘Satsangh’ group is consistent with the teachings of the Master.

Satsang allows for like minded devotees, living in close proximity of each other, to get together, reflect and practice Sri Bhagavan’s teachings and participate in local functions to celebrate the Jayanti/Aradhana of Sri Bhagavan and other special events.

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Ramana Gita Chapter Ten

We record in this, the tenth chapter, the conversation between Yati Yoganathan and Maharshi Ramana, which will make the members of society rejoice.

Yoganathana:  Oh Great Sage, what is the relation between society and its members? Lord, be pleased to explain this for the welfare of the society.

Bhagavan: In a society consisting of followers of diverse ways of life, Oh best of Sadhus, society is like the body and the members its limbs. Oh ascetic, a member prospers by working for the society like a limb serving the body. Through mind, speech and body one should always conduct oneself so as to serve the interests of society and should also awaken his circle to do likewise. One should build up one’s own circle so as to serve the interests of society and then make  it prosper so that the society itself may prosper.

Yoganatha: Among the wise some extol peace, others power. Which of these, Oh Lord, is the better means for promoting the well-being of society?

Bhagavan: Peace if for purity of one’s own mind, power for the progress of society. Society should be raised through power and then peace established.

Yoganatha: Oh Great Sage, what is the supreme goal on earth to be attained by human society as a whole?

Bhagavan: Brotherhood based on a sense of equality is the supreme goal to be attained by human society as a whole. Through brotherhood, supreme peace will prevail among mankind and then this entire planet will flourish like a single household.

The above conversation between Yoganathan, the ascetic, and the gracious Maharshi took place on the 15th of August 1917.